AR[BEI]T, an initiative of the artists Petra Höcker and Merle Lembeck, is a space for art that will open in the city of Osnabrück in 2021 and become an integral part of the art and cultural scene. The title AR[BEI]T is groundbreaking for the concept of the space, because the intention is to work together, talk to each other and exhibit. In this respect, AR[BEI]T is more than just a space; it is also an artists' collective with changing protagonists.

AR[BEI]T is not intended to be and remain a one-off symposium, but a concept of collaboration and exhibition opportunity firmly anchored in the Osnabrück art scene. In doing so, the focus will deliberately not only be on regional or young artists, but on a compilation of established and emerging artists from the region and from all over the world. In connection with exhibitions and symposia, AR[BEI]T also places a particularly high value on a reciprocal dialogue between artists and interested visitors to the space. The special atmosphere of the space, divided into exhibition area and studio, is intended to lower inhibition thresholds of "coming in and arriving" and to invite a lively exchange of ideas. AR[BEI]T would like to create an additional offer for interested visitors with regular artist talks and workshops.

Petra Höcker and Merle Lembeck are freelance artists from Osnabrück, whereby Petra Höcker has also worked as a gallery owner in Osnabrück and Cologne since 2007. AR[BEI]T transforms the previous gallery concept, for AR[BEI]T is not only a producer's gallery but also a studio, a place of encounter, dialogue and joint creation. For the two artists who live in Osnabrück, the location also represents a consolidation of their roots.

Petra Hoecker and Merle Lembeck operate internationally and have a national and international artist:interior network, not least through their participation in many international symposia and membership of European Artists e.V.  

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